Vicky, Indian himachali, was born 30 years ago and grew up in the superb surrounding of the himalayan mountains. A rather silent, tough but funny character this man ! At 15, he joined Rama's garage. He is the man also who was going to initiate him in all the secrets, 'technical or not' of the legendary if not mythic Royal Enfield. A few years later, Vicky opened his own shop in Goa to he fix, rent out Royals and selling this Indian symbol. What ? He is a magician ! It takes no less than that if you really want to handle Enfields ! In 2011 his dream takes shape as he sets up "ROAD KING". Have no doubt ! His experience on the road, his technical professionalism and his amazing way to communicate and handle his customers will not only make you happy, it will also make you smile ! You can be sure that his enthusiasm and sympathy will offer you a unique and personalized adventure.


French Carol, now 29, travelled to India for the first time in 2005. To put it in her own language, it was the«coup de coeur !» for this amazing country, love at first sight !Meeting Vicky then in Goa sparks not only her attraction to the 'man of the Enfields', but it blows the passion again for travels and bikes !! Not surprsingly, the two heads together make plans for travelling adventures !By now Carole is speaking French, English and Hindi, and it's with pleasure and enduring character that she will share with you her passion for India.


Dev is the second head mechanic of this company and the local boy of this area. Dev is one helpful guy who is always here to take care of you. And it must be said, he's always there for you !


Avinash is Mechanic and helper for any kind of work in the company.


Manager of the company who takes care of all the paper work